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How the Black Panther Can Help You Conquer Stress

When you think of the word stress, most people automatically think of “bad stress.” The type of stress that produces negative effects over your mind, body and spirit. When is the last time you received a high-five about being stressed? Unless it was out of complete sarcasm, locked in the office with [...]


10 Things I learned From One Year of Death

Valentine’s Day is known to be a day where you express an outward, abundance of love for people you care about. For me, it seemed to take on a stark contrast meaning. As Valentine’s Day approaches I’m reminded of the first spark that set my life on fire in 2011. If I had to write […]


How Training a Dog and Changing Your Habits Are the Same

“You can’t teach an old dog a new trick” they say. Bologna! If you take the time to repeatedly give any dog a cue, action, then reward, over time that dog will perform the action effortlessly. What if I told you that forming or changing habits in your own life was along the same logic? […]


How Technology is Turning You into a Robot

Can you recall the last time you spent a full day using no technology whatsoever? No worries, I can’t either. Even as I write this now on my MacBook Air with my iPhone next to me and music streaming through the air by simply talking to Alexa, it’s hard to remember a life without constant […]


Stop Doing This One Thing and Instantly Become More Productive

Does it seem like you’re working ALL day, hours upon hours, only to feel like you’re not getting anything done? Chances are it’s true. You feel like you’re constantly working, but your productivity says otherwise. Just because you’re moving, doesn’t mean you’re getting [...]


Are You a Victim to the Burnout Epidemic?

Have you fallen victim to the epidemic sweeping the world!? It takes over your soul, depletes you of all energy and motivation, and sucks that twinkle right out of your eye. Sounds awful, right? This epidemic is called “burnout.” According to Merriam-Webster, burnout is defined as an exhaustion of [...]

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